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Vibrational Necklaces

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Katie Holmes’s Latest Must-Have Accessory Is All About Self Care

​"​Around her neck, Holmes wore a quartz crystal pendant necklace from Green Star Wellness. Dubbed the “heart chakra” necklace, the quartz’s properties are meant to radiate love and healing, protecting the wearer against any feelings of negativity or pain. It’s a boho-chic piece, sure, but it also promotes self-care—arguably the greatest asset any item of clothing can bring.“ — Christian Allaire, VOGUE

Shamanic Mala Beads

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Green Star Wellness

Green Star Wellness is a sacred place designed to facilitate change in your body, mind and spirit.

Through colon hydrotherapy, vibrational medicine healing, shamanic energy and healing, you will experience a unique kind of connectedness with your body. Your mind and emotions will become clearer and your inner dynamics will begin to shift.

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Green Star Wellness offers a wide tapestry of therapies and tools to cleanse and nurture mind, body and spirit. Achieve your best health by accepting, releasing and working through both the physical and emotional weight of the things that hold you down. A conscious shifting of awareness designed to help you prevent, heal and grow.

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